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About Gus Graves

The 31st is a humorous, Halloween-themed first-person shooter that takes place in a strange world filled with endless hordes of blood-thirsty monsters and wacky situations. The game consists of six large levels containing wide-open outdoor spaces, spooky dungeon corridors, and everything in between. The game is not just about mindlessly killing all the creatures of the night. It also offers a sizable element of treasure hunting and exploration as you learn more about the mysteries left behind by people who visited before you.

The 31st is being independently developed by Terathon Software for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. We are using our own technology, the C4 Engine.


  • The single player game is long. When we say our levels are big and there are lots of things to be done, we mean it!
  • There are plenty of secrets to discover, haunted areas to explore, and valuable items to find.
  • There is a lot of humor!
  • There are many conventional weapons and several crazy fun guns.
  • The game has a phenomenal soundtrack! Listen on SoundCloud

Your name is Gus Graves, and you’re a firefighter in the small town of Timber Valley, where the largest employer is the mysterious research division of the MGL Corporation, a powerful and notoriously secretive player in the military-industrial complex. It’s sunset on Halloween, and just as you’re getting ready for a stream of trick-or-treaters at home, your chief calls you into the station. There’s a massive blaze at the MGL building on the edge of town. You jump off the fire engine as it rolls up to the inferno and gasp not only at the incredible size of the fire but at the strange beams of light brilliantly flashing through holes in the building’s crumbling walls. As you approach the structure for a closer look, the wall and floor of the building collapse to expose a vast underground chamber where all kinds of debris are being pulled into a blinding light at the center of a giant metallic ring. The ground begins to fall beneath your feet, and you try to scurry up the steepening slope to escape, but it’s too late. You’re pulled into the device alongside some mangled equipment and the bodies of lab technicians who didn’t survive the accident. You see your fire engine gravitating toward you as you accelerate into a tunnel of light.

After a few seconds, you slam to the ground in a grassy meadow. It’s raining debris and corpses through a portal not far above you. You see the fire engine falling toward you and roll out of the way just in time to avoid being crushed. You pull yourself up off the ground and take a look around. You’re not in Timber Valley any more. You can see only dense forest in every direction, but there are some dirt paths leading into the woods indicating some kind of recent activity by local inhabitants. The portal soon closes, leaving only a bunch of smoldering junk, your wrecked fire engine, and the remains of some unfortunate MGL workers behind. You’re on your own.

The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot The 31st Game Screenshot
What’s a Halloween game without monsters? Most of the baddies are described below, but we’re saving a few surprises for the final game.
Giant Spider Giant Spider

These hairy crawlers aren’t very dangerous when found alone, but in large quantities, they can be a serious threat. These things are big and fast, and they like to bite. And some shoot venom! You’ll need a gun capable of wide-area damage to fend off a mass attack. Also, watch out for the big hairy momma spider.
Barracuda Barracuda

Maybe you should think twice before going for a swim. This guy and his friends might be waiting to sink their teeth into some fresh meat.
Giant Bat Giant Bat

Talk about flying rodents with a thirst for blood! And they can find you in the dark with their sonar. Bats rip chunks of flesh from your body with their fangs.
Skeleton Skeleton

This is your typical haunted pile of bones. Skeletons are easy to damage, but their light weight makes them very agile. A skeleton will use anything he can get his hands on as a weapon. Tougher skeletons wield flaming swords.
Goblin Goblin

Diminutive and green, these little bastards hold a deep grudge against humanity. There really isn’t anything supernatural about these guys, so they aren’t very hard to kill. Goblins come leaping at you with their large claws.
Zombie Zombie

These walking undead have only one thought on their rotting brains: destroy. The decaying remains of the deceased rise from graves under the moonlight and hide in the shadows until their unsuspecting prey walks by.
Witch Witch

This old hag wants nothing more than to slice up your freshly disemboweled corpse, boil your guts in eyeball stew, and feed it to her forty cats. As if looking at her didn’t hurt enough, this crazy lady will come at you with her broomstick, potions, knives, axes, and even some exploding felines!
Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead

This is a 19th century cape-wearing stud with a fiery jack-o-lantern where his head used to be. He’ll throw fireballs at you from a distance, and he’ll tear your freakin’ head off if you let him get close enough. If you blow his head off, he’ll replace it with whatever he can find nearby and keep coming at you.
Tar Monster Tar/Lava/Swamp Golem

This demonic pile of goo rises from boiling tar pits, lava pools, and toxic swamps found throughout the land. He can hurl deadly balls of tar, lava, or toxic sludge over great distances.
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is pretty high up on the evil food chain, and he’s hungry for your soul. This dude has some serious power and is very hard to bring down. Seriously, run away.
The game contains many conventional weapons like the rocket launcher, and it also has a bunch of wacky guns like the chicken blaster. They are all described below except for a couple secret weapons, which you will have to discover on your own.
Fireman’s Axe Fireman’s Axe

You start the game with your trusty axe. In addition to splitting monsters in half, the axe helps you bust down doors and open crates.
Pistol 9mm Pistol

A few shots might be effective against smaller enemies, but you’ll be emptying clips pretty fast against most of the baddies out there.
Shotgun Shotgun

This is your standard double-barrel boom-stick, but modified to give you fast access to a lot more ammo.
Crossbow Crossbow

There’s nothing like planting an arrow right between the eyes of an approaching monster. Ordinary arrows are pretty effective against those who aren’t already dead. Explosive-tipped arrows pack a greater punch for those enemies that require a little more damage to be done.
Spike Shooter Spike Shooter

If you’ve ever wanted to jam a big rusty railroad spike into somebody’s eye, then this weapon is for you. This baby fires several spikes per second, and you can stand back far enough to avoid that irritating blood splatter.
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher lobs a package of deadly shrapnel towards your opponent. Grenades can be bounced around corners or tossed down dark stairways to clear out any monsters that might be waiting for a fresh meal.
Quantum Charger Quantum Charger

This toy from the MGL Corporation generates ball lightning and fires it at high velocity. Anything near the path of these charged spheres of death will get a few gigawatts of electricity right in the gut. The secondary trigger lets you build up a larger lightning ball for greater effectiveness, but holding onto it for too long can be hazardous to your health.
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher

The always-reliable rocket launcher fires highly explosive projectiles and is very effective at barbecuing large numbers of enemies. I hope you’re not a vegetarian because tonight you’re eating steak, extra well-done of course.
Plasma Gun Plasma Gun

Another experimental weapon designed for the military by MGL, the plasma gun rapidly fires searing balls of ionized gas. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your enemy melt into a pile of goo. The stench left behind, however, takes a little getting used to.
Proton Cannon Proton Cannon

The proton cannon delivers maximum penetration by radiating your opponents with a heavy beam of protons moving at nearly the speed of light. This weapon can slice through just about anything, but the laws of physics prevent its prolonged use.
Cat Flinger Cat Flinger

Turn all of those cats that the witches have into something useful with Uncle Bob’s Cat Flinger! Launch a few of the miserable fur balls into your enemy’s face and then blow him away while he’s busy trying to stop his eyes from being clawed out.
Hornet Gun Hornet Gun

You guessed it, this gun shoots bees. Uncle Bob’s Multi-Purpose Hornet Gun will keep a group of lower-ranking monsters occupied while you handle some tougher foes. Uncle Bob’s Premium Can O’ Bees sold separately.
Chicken Blaster Chicken Blaster

Uncle Bob’s Jet-Powered Chicken Blaster turns harmless poultry into sizzling hot deadly projectiles and fires them into your enemy’s gut. It also cooks a yummy dinner.
Beer Cannon Beer Cannon

What better way to lower your enemy’s faculties than to get him drunk with Uncle Bob’s Deluxe Beer Cannon! A couple of gallons of the pale ale down his gullet and he’s likely to just stagger off a cliff. Ammo is plentiful, and a special additive makes it super fast-acting.
The game contains six levels. They are very large, and they all contain a ton of secrets. There are secret treasures, secret weapons, secret rooms, secret passageways, and maybe even an entire secret level! Some secrets are going to be easy to find, some are going to be a bit more difficult, and others are going to be downright challenging.
Level 1 — Abandoned Hills. In the first level, you explore a creepy dark forest covering rocky terrain and discover some old shacks left behind by workers from MGL Labs. What happened to these people is a mystery, but you’ll have to deal with a few of their reanimated corpses as well as some mutants living in a toxic waste dump. Abandoned Hills
Level 2 — The Spider's Nest. The second level takes place in a network of caves inhabited by some nasty eight-legged creatures. It looks like the MGL folks were getting ready to blow these things to smithereens, but they didn’t quite finish the job before the spiders made meals out of them. After climbing out of the spider nest, you reach an MGL outpost that is now abandoned and filled with unfriendlies. The Spider's Nest
Level 3 — Ruins of the Deep. The MGL personnel dug into the mountainside and found a vast maze of ancient ruins buried beneath the earth. You’ll have to battle many of the forgotten souls left to rot in the dungeons of the deep. Ruins of the Deep
Level 4 — Unfriendly Woodlands. You emerge from the ruins in a misty redwood forest inhabited by hundreds of crazy witches. Some of the wackiest enemies in the game and some of the best music in the game are found in this level. Unfriendly Woodlands
Level 5 — Witch's Swamp / Forgotten Cemetery. After a short walk through a spooky swamp, you find yourself at the entrance of an expansive cemetery. The unremembered dead don’t take kindly to intruders, so you won’t exactly be greeted by a welcoming committee with smiles on their faces. A giant mausoleum at the end leads to an ancient battle arena. Witch's Swamp / Forgotten Cemetery
Level 6 — Goblin Territory / Temple of the Dead. In the final level of the game, you reach the goal for episode one: the entrance to the MGL Labs industrial complex. But first, you have to battle your way through hordes of little green bastards in dark forests, ancient monuments, and rocky canyons. And the evil spirits guarding the path to your final destination are not going to make things easy. Goblin Territory / Temple of the Dead
C4 Engine
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